background - Who is Kristel Adams?

Kristel Adams

Born from a Vietnamese mother and a West Indies originated father, Kristel Adams is like her native town, Marseilles, a black diamond with many facets. The day she was born, the good fairies generously gave her a warm, imperious voice, that can convey despair or comfort, a precious gift that God reserves for those with a role to gather together.

(Sow the seeds of love to harvest happiness.) Thanks to all these assets, Kristel embodies plurality and multiculturalism.

Quite naturally, her origins led her towards rhythm and blues, gospel music, African and oriental, and, of course, all styles inspired by Negro spirituals such as jazz, country, and the mythical comedy musicals. (In a word, Kristel sees herself as a leader of a kind of “modern fusion” at the heart of new tendencies.)

Her favourite artists : Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Donnie Hathaway, Goerge Benson.

Since soul music and gospel in particular suit her tone of voice, her wide range of musical tastes include the immense artistic references of French music such as Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour and, especially Edith Piaf.

Kristel Adams reveals today a new side of her sparkling talent with a tribute show to France’s biggest Icon, Edith Piaf, which she interprets with simplicity and respect. She is currently performing on the most prestigious sail ship cruisers of the world, the “Club Med 2”. She performed a wonderfully tribute to Aretha Franklin at the Jazz Club Lionel Hampton In Paris

Manu Dibango, Florent Pagny, Hélène Ségara, Robbie Williams...are the artists who worked with kristel at the studio recordings.

She played in the theatre piece “Stygmates” directed by Marjorie Nakache.

she also played the part of Coryphée in « Iphigénie ou le péché des Dieux » In this same year, she appeared in the Musical Comedy “ Le plus beau voyage”, again directed by Marjorie Nakache.

And she was part of the production of the “Sept péchés capitaux”.

Post-synchro WALT DISNEY: She has participated in different Walt Disney productions “ the lion king”, “Hercules” tot ou tard ( both the French and Spanish versions) The little Mermaid, The princess and the Frog, and “ frères des ours” ( music by Phil Collins)

You can also hear her in radio jingles : RFM, NRJ, Power FM, in adverts : Hom,- Quick – Gemey- Martini- Miko

On stage she has worked with Sylvie Vartan, Mory Kanté ( In Bambara language) Kova Réa, Manu Dibango, Philippe Lavil, Florent Pagny, George Benson (2009, a tribute to Nat King Cole)

She worked In a film of Claude Lelouch, “Les Parisiennes”.

On stage as Cindy in a Luc Plamondon production ( the Palais des Congrès)

Her albums :

1993 « DJ Connection »
1994 « Dingue de la vie
2000 « le plus beau voyage »
2007 « Gramercy Park » (Green Street Studio in New-York with Francis Lai ans Boris bergman ).
2009 hazkenivoices (autoproduction)
2012-2013 she’s working on her new album as a songwriter , producer, and executive producer « Right on Time» will be soon on stage and she will sing only in English.

Kristel Adams unites recording colleagues and the best singer and vocal arranger , all of them French with African and Caribbean roots, to form a Gospel group

« Hazkeni Voices » interpreting the traditional Hebrew songs in the original psalm language.

This high level musical formation, is currently performing around France, notably at the Espace Rachi in Paris.

We will see her with her beautiful , strong , sensible soulful ans deep Voice on the the voice contest 2013. she will pick Garou’s team.

Janvier 2013 Shangai ( Chine)

She performed at the music Conference in Shangai directed by Hermès. Kristel Adams is directed by the Choreographer David Drouard and the music director Eddy Malka